Are You Doing Your Kegels?

Are You Doing Your Kegels?

Your body is made of several muscles, including some that you may not be aware of or think about very often. The pelvic floor muscles are a perfect example. They control your bladder and bowels as well as support the placement of your organs. You’re more likely to be aware of your pelvic muscles if they become weak. This can cause bladder leakage or incontinence symptoms in women.

The Impact of Pregnancy and Childbirth

It is most common to experience pelvic floor weakening after pregnancy and childbirth. The additional weight of the baby in the abdomen, as well as the shifting of organs and muscles strains during delivery, are all culprits to weak pelvic floor muscles and urinary problems. While it is typical to experience difficulty in controlling your urine immediately after giving birth, if you are still suffering months later, you need to do something about it.

How Kegels Help

Have you ever been told to “do your Kegels”? This is an exercise you can perform at any time without anyone ever knowing. It involves consciously squeezing and holding your pelvic floor muscles as if you are trying to stop urine in mid-stream. As with any muscles, it takes time to gradually strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and prevent urinary leakage. The best time to begin is during your pregnancy. However, if you’ve failed to do your Kegels while preparing for baby, you can start immediately after childbirth. In most cases, the pelvic muscles will respond and your bladder problems will subside.

If bladder issues are still compromising your quality of life despite your hard work at doing Kegels on a consistent basis, you may need another treatment method. At North Pointe OB & GYN, we offer the latest treatments for urinary incontinence. If you leak urine when you cough, sneeze or jump, let us help you.

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