• Exercise and Pregnancy

    on Apr 25th, 2017

Exercise and Pregnancy

In the past, doctors questioned the safety of exercise during pregnancy. Such antiquated beliefs suggested that women should not get their heart rate above a certain level and ere on side of caution when it comes to physical activity. While high risk pregnancies are certainly under their own set of guidelines, obstetricians today have an enlightened view of whether or not the average women should exercise during her pregnancy.

Recent studies suggest that exercise during pregnancy is not only safe for the mother and baby, but it can actually be beneficial for them both. In November 2016, the American Physiological Society (APS) reported that exercise during pregnancy may be effective in protecting the next generation from age related health risks during the offspring's adulthood.

Physical activity not only helps to foster better health for your child, but it can also provide more short-term benefits in terms of your labor and delivery experience or your overall symptoms of pregnancy. It is an obvious conclusion that women who are more fit and able to tolerate physical stress better are considered more prepared for the body’s strain of labor.

Overall, exercise can dramatically improve many of the unwanted symptoms of pregnancy, such as the following:

If you plan to exercise on a daily basis while you are pregnant, it is highly important that you drink enough water and consume sufficient calories. If you question a certain activity or workout during these critical months, always bring up your concerns to your physician. At North Pointe OB/GYN, we applaud women who strive to be the healthiest versions of themselves during pregnancy. This includes routine pregnancy care, eating a healthy diet and getting adequate amounts of exercise.

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