Hot Topics for Your Next Gyno Visit

Few women actually look forward to their annual gynecology visit. While these appointments hold critical importance to your overall health, they may also leave you feeling vulnerable or embarrassed about discussing certain topics and concerns. At North Pointe OB/GYN, we want our patients to know that we work hard to create a comfortable and judgement-free environment. In fact, there are several topics that our gynecologists need to hear about, even if it feels intimidating at first.

#1. Medical History

Never discount a current medication or previous surgery as “unrelated” to your gynecological health. It is surprising how many things (past and present) affect your hormones and other women’s health issues. Be prepared to discuss your full medical history with us, which may include facts and records beyond the date of your last menstrual cycle, PAP smear results or sexual history.

#2. Low Libido

It is understandable to feel vulnerable when talking about your sex life. We never want our patients to share more than they are comfortable with. However, we also don’t want women suffering from issues like low sex drive when they don’t have to. This is a very common complaint for females and one that can often be improved with the help of our physicians. In most cases, hormone imbalance is to blame.

#3 Painful or Heavy Periods

You probably don’t discuss the details of your period with very many people. However, your gynecologist should be one of them. The timing, heaviness, and discomfort of your menstrual cycle can be indicators of underlying conditions like endometriosis or uterine fibroids. Far too women are missing work or other activities because they can’t leave the house during a painful or heavy period. Your doctor wants to help – there are several treatment approaches that can be tried.

#4 Your Plans for Children

Family planning involves some major decisions, some of which can be quite overwhelming. However, whether you are wanting to start a family soon or take measures to prevent pregnancy, the options available to you in modern gynecology and obstetrics may surprise you. It is always beneficial to be fully informed when it comes to family planning, as this can alleviate a lot of anxiety for females.

Is it time for your annual gynecology checkup? Get your list of topics ready. We promise we’ve heard it all and seen it all. Our physicians will go above and beyond to make you feel secure and comfortable during your time at our office, whether it is during your physical evaluation or when you are discussing difficult or personal topics. Call North Point OB/GYN today.



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