How Your Smartphone Can Help Prevent Pregnancy

Many women rely on birth control pills for contraception. These are often “combination pills” that contain a mixture of estrogen and progesterone to prevent ovulation. Since a woman’s monthly fertility depends on a timely release of hormones, it is critical that birth control pills be taken in a consistent and scheduled manner. Skipping a day (or two) of your pill may allow your body’s natural hormones to come into play, which could be the hormones that cause you to ovulate or release an egg – and then become pregnant.

Some types of pills may even require that you take them at the exact same time each day. Any straying from this can make your contraception ineffective. In fact, women forgetting to take their pill accounts for most cases of prevention failure for this type of contraceptive.

How Technology Can Help

While some women have no problem remembering to take their pill every day, others struggle. Since today’s average woman owns a smartphone, and is perhaps overly reliant on the device, why not let technology help in this situation? We rely on our smartphones to give us all types of information, including warning us of traffic or telling us what the weather is going to do. There’s an app for nearly every aspect of our lives. Now, there are apps for birth control. Many women, especially adolescents, are letting their smartphones remind them of taking their pill.

While setting an alarm on your iPhone or Android device can certainly accomplish the task, some women download specific apps to help them stay on track with their birth control pill. For example, MyPill is an app that has a reminder function, as well as a snooze button.  So if you aren’t near your pill bottle at the time of the alarm, you can get another reminder later. You can even set your app to accommodate the NuvaRing or a birth control patch. Even better, the MyPill app and others like it provide a place to record side effects or other notes that you may want to tell your provider about your period or birth control pill.

If you simply can’t find a way to help you stay consistent with taking birth control, despite technology’s assistance, you may need to consider another prevention method. North Pointe OB/GYN Associates offers a wide variety of options for preventing unwanted pregnancy. We are determined to help you find the best choice for your specific lifestyle needs.

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