Labor & Delivery: Packing Your Hospital Bag

If you are pregnant and the big delivery day is quickly approaching, your mind may be filled with questions about what to expect and how you can prepare for your hospital stay. While there is no way to totally predict how your labor will go or when it will happen, it can put you at ease to have some essentials already packed and ready.

Essentials for Labor

Most moms-to-be have a birthing plan. However, always keep in mind that your labor may not go exactly has you hope. Whether you labor longer than you intended or too quickly to get the epidural, there are a few items that you can bring in your hospital bag to improve your labor experience, such as the following:

Post-Delivery Personal Items for Baby and You

Once your baby has arrived, you’ll want to have some items from home to make your hospital stay more comfortable. Consider hygiene items such as toothbrush and body wash as well as a hairbrush and comfortable pair of pajamas (that you can nurse in). Many new moms find that applying make-up can make them feel refreshed and “human” again!

As far as baby, you’ll want to pack a going home outfit along with a blanket and car seat. Remember that the hospital won’t let you leave without a car seat that is properly installed. Avoid extra stress and install the car seat ahead of time! If you want to get a head start on documenting your labor and delivery memories, bring your journal or baby book with you to the hospital.

Still need help packing for the hospital? Turn to the experts of North Pointe OB/GYN. We specialize in preparing women for the exciting day of delivery. If you know that you will have a c-section, you may need some additional items in your bag to make you more comfortable at the hospital.

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