Midwives Offer a Full Spectrum of Care

What is Midwifery Care?


Midwifery includes providing prenatal care during all three trimesters, delivering the child, and supporting the mother during the postpartum period.


Who Provides Midwifery Services?


First and foremost, midwives are medical providers. They are typically nurses that have specialized training in caring for pregnant mothers and their babies. A midwife offers services through pregnancy, labor and delivery as well as during the postpartum stage.


More Than Natural Childbirth Support


While many women choose a midwife to help manage pain during a natural childbirth (or those with minimal medical intervention), a midwife is qualified to handle complex deliveries. In fact, they value the importance of working alongside your obstetrician and/or neonatologists to foster an optimal labor experience.


Midwives do far more than just teach breathing and relaxation techniques during a natural childbirth. Midwifery can provide the highly-customized and comprehensive level of care that many moms-to-be are looking for. You can choose a midwife to partner with you in the following:



How Do You Want to Be Cared For During Pregnancy?

At North Pointe OB/GYN, we know that pregnancy can be overwhelming, especially if this is your first. We also realize that every woman is unique in terms of their physical and emotional needs during this time. If you are not considered a high-risk pregnancy, you have the option of choosing a midwife for your labor and birth experience. Our practice proudly offers an elite team of obstetricians as well as midwifery care. Call today to learn more about the training, experience and qualifications of our staffed midwives.


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