Reasons to Have a Midwife

More than 90 percent of Unites States births are attended by an obstetrician. However, if you are expecting, you do have other options for your labor and delivery. Many women are interested in midwifery for a more personal birthing experience. It is important to understand that choosing a midwife does not mean you are going outside the medical realm of care. In fact, certified nurse midwives (CNMs) are highly trained medical professionals. They specialize in prenatal care, guide women through labor and delivery as well as provide support to new moms after their baby is born.

Midwives can be considered as an underutilized but highly valuable resource for pregnant women. Here is a better explanation about what a midwife does and the prized benefits that one could provide for you during this very special time in your life:


Attentive Care During Pregnancy

Prenatal care is essential during all three trimesters. A midwife is qualified to provide regular prenatal care including tracking your baby’s development, monitoring your own health, and helping you prepare for birth, which can include a more personal, tailored, and natural experience than you’d get with a hospital obstetrician. A midwife treats each patient as a unique individual with personal needs and goals.


Active Support in Labor

You can expect your midwife to be by your side throughout your entire labor and delivery. This is a comforting advantage for many women, as most obstetricians are only able to attend during active labor and delivery. Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t locked into a natural birth if you have a midwife. While a midwife will first rely on a drug-free birth, your CNM can prescribe labor-inducing medications or epidurals as needed.


Lower Risk of Cesarean Section

Studies have shown that women who have midwives often need fewer medical interventions during labor and delivery, which includes C-sections. Don’t worry; if an unexpected concern arises, an emergency cesarean section can be performed by a doctor on call. Any combined services from a CNM and a physician will aim to be a seamless line of care.


Postpartum Support

A primary benefit of having a midwife is the extra care and TLC you’ll receive after giving birth. A midwife’s services go beyond the typical six-week postpartum checkup. Instead, you’ll receive personal care and advice for both you and your baby during this challenging adjustment period, including support with lactation, mental health, and physical health.


If you qualify as a low-risk pregnancy and want to learn more about the personal benefits of having a certified midwife, please call North Pointe OB/GYN to schedule a consultation with our team. We offer midwifery as well as traditional obstetric care and high-risk pregnancy care.

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