STD Testing

The Importance of STD Testing


While it is not a comfortable topic, sexually transmitted diseases that go undetected can pose a serious threat to your reproductive health and overall health. STD testing is a simple, discreet and effective way to identify an STD so that appropriate treatment can be initiated as soon as possible. Considering that many STD’s produce no obvious symptoms, regular STD testing becomes even more important for a female who is sexually active.


The Potential Risks of Untreated STDs


When certain STDs go undetected, it can cause a wide variety of serious health issues, ranging from pelvic inflammatory disease to infertility. It is not uncommon for an STD to cause irreversible damage to your reproductive organs before compromising your overall health. More concerning is that you could have no outward symptoms and still infect your sexual partner without knowing.


What to Expect with STD Testing


First and foremost, STD testing and results are kept strictly confidential at North Pointe OB/GYN. Many women opt for routine STD testing at their annual checkup, especially if you have had unprotected sex with a new partner or you suspect your current partner may be infected. If you have abnormal discharge or bumps, lesions or warts on your genitals, it is important to schedule STD testing sooner rather than later.


STD testing can identify a wide range of diseases, including HIV, hepatitis B, chlamydia, genital warts, genital herpes, HPV and more. Depending on which STD is being tested for, you may undergo a physical exam, genital swab, blood urine sample or pap smear.


Treating STDs


If a positive result is revealed with your STD testing, one of our physicians will explain your treatment options. While not all STDs can be completely cured, there are antibiotics, antivirals an other treatment modalities to lessen or resolve your symptoms. Most importantly, we can carefully discuss ways to prevent the future transmission of STDs.


Have more questions about STD testing? Want to learn about our rules of confidentiality surrounding STD testing? Please call our Cumming office today.

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