Increasing Your Chances for a Successful VBAC

Increasing Your Chances for a Successful VBAC

You had your first child via cesarean section and now you’d like to delivery your next baby naturally. VBAC, or vaginal birth after a cesarean delivery, is not a delivery that every obstetrician can perform. While most women have safe and successful VBACs, there is a higher chance of complication during this type of delivery. Therefore, a high-risk pregnancy specialist is needed. At North Pointe OB/GYN, we proudly have multiple providers who are able to perform a VBAC delivery!


The Benefits of VBAC

Beyond the scarring and shorter recovery, many women want to avoid another cesarean section and opt for a VBAC because of the benefits it offers towards their baby. Moms who delivery vaginally often have an easier time breastfeeding and bonding with their babies due to the decrease in post-delivery pain and less time in the hospital. A VBAC will also decrease the chance of placental problems associated with multiple C-sections.


The Risks of VBAC

Unfortunately, a VBAC does not come without risks, and these risks can be quite serious. It is imperative that you carefully discuss your chances for a successful VBAC with your provider. Your candidacy will strongly depend on why you needed a cesarean section previously. A failed trial of labor that ends in an emergency C-section is typically much more risky than a repeat planned C-section. While the risk is very low, emergency C-sections can be associated with life-threatening complications. However, a skilled high risk pregnancy specialists is equipped to handle the complications that could potentially arise.


Improving Your Chances for a Successful VBAC

In general, the following factors can lower your risks and increase your odds for success when having a VBAC:


At North Pointe OB/GYN, we want to help you have VBAC delivery if that is your desire. Our providers are here to guide you during your entire pregnancy to ensure you have the best chance for a safe and successful VBAC. Call our Cumming office today to learn more.

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