What To Expect After a Hysterectomy

Post-Operative Recovery


During an abdominal hysterectomy, a laparoscopic approach is preferred. However, an incision in your lower midriff or vagina may be necessary. It is always recommended that women take ample time to recover and rest after a hysterectomy. This includes getting plenty of sleep, drinking fluids and not lifting heavy objects. Not doing so could put you at risk for blood clots, excessive bleeding and/or infection. A full recovery and healing may take weeks so it is important to be prepared.


Hormone Changes and Life Adjustments


A significant change that you may notice after your hysterectomy is related to hormones. Without a uterus (and possibly ovaries), your body will begin to adjust to the fact that you can no longer get pregnant or menstruate. As a result, you will likely begin to experience symptoms of menopause. This is often the most dreaded side-effect of a hysterectomy, but you should know that your physician is here to help minimize any discomfort and disruptions due to hormonal changes. Hormone replacement therapy is available and can be initiated shortly after your procedure.


Impact on Sex


Many women are also concerned about the way that a hysterectomy could affect their sex life. While you can likely return to sexual activity six weeks after surgery, you may notice that you suffer from vaginal dryness, pelvic floor weakness and possible low libido. Again, these are not issues you have to live with or endure. There are physical and medical treatments available to help you return to an enjoyable sex life after a hysterectomy.


Coping with Feelings and Emotions


Last but not least, it is common for a hysterectomy to trigger emotions of loss or sadness due to the fact that fertility is no longer present. If you struggle with these feelings, don’t dismiss it. Not only is it normal, but counseling can be an excellent way to cope with emotions related to this procedure, whether they were expected or unexpected.


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