Yeast Infection, Again?

Did you know that three out of four women will suffer from a yeast infection at some point in their lifetime? While yeast infections are very common, they can be highly disruptive to deal with, especially if they are recurrent. If you have more than four yeast infections per year, you may need to consider professional treatment. At the very least, you should find out what is causing your frequent yeast infections. In many cases, a simply change in diet or lifestyle can prevent these itchy infections in such an uncomfortable area.

What Causes Vaginal Candidiasis?

A healthy vagina contains a perfect balance of yeast and bacteria, also known as vaginal flora. Your natural bacteria is what helps prevent an overgrowth of yeast. When this balance is disrupted, however, a yeast infection develops. This is called vaginal candidiasis.

Some of the most common causes of yeast overgrowth and vaginal candidiasis include the following:

While yeast infections are common and typically very treatable, if your infection keeps coming back multiple times a year, a more specialized treatment plan should be initiated.

At North Point OB/GYN, we help women avoid the frustrating and uncomfortable symptoms of a yeast infection. If you are experiencing the following symptoms, call our Cumming clinic for yeast infection treatment:

Vaginal concerns are nothing to be embarrassed about. We’ve seen it all, and we treat it all. Never let vaginal changes and disruptive symptoms linger, as this can progress to cause serious complications towards your overall health.

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