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At North Pointe OB/GYN, Drs. Sean J. Lambert, Robert B. Barrett, and Nancy M. Walsh have helped many women who were expecting more than one child. Respected by both their peers and patients for their expertise on delivering twins and multiples, the doctors are regarded by many as some of the leading OB/GYNs in Cumming and Georgia, as well as the rest of North Atlanta.

Twins and Multiples Q & A

Is Delivering Twins and Multiples Vaginally Safe?

Many women are able to safely deliver twins and multiples vaginally. Having more than one child, however, increases the chance of complication. Therefore, women who are expecting more than one child and want to have a vaginal delivery should see an obstetrician who has successfully helped women deliver multiple children vaginally before.

What Should Women Who Are Expecting Twins or Multiples Look for in a Provider?

When selecting a provider to see for prenatal care and delivery, women should first look for a licensed and board certified obstetrician. Both licensed medical doctors and licensed doctors of osteopathy have completed medical school and a residency program and have the necessary training. Ones that are board-certified in obstetrics have demonstrated their expertise by passing a difficult and thorough exam.

Second, women should look for a doctor who specializes in high-risk pregnancies and has admitting privileges at a hospital that has the resources necessary to perform emergency cesarean sections. Emergency C-sections aren’t common, but it’s nice to know that the doctor is able to perform one if necessary.

Finally, women may want to seek out a doctor who sees patients at a conveniently located practice. Prenatal care requires seeing a doctor at regular intervals throughout pregnancy, and appointments can become especially frequent during the second and third trimesters. Going to a nearby practice makes getting to and from appointments easy.

Who Should See a Twins and Multiples Specialist?

Women who are having twins or multiples typically find out during their first ultrasound appointment. Any woman who is diagnosed with twins or multiples at this appointment should consider seeing a doctor who specializes in multiple-birth deliveries.