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The doctors at North Pointe OB/GYN, which has conveniently located in Cumming, Georgia, and surrounding areas in North Atlanta, have helped many women who suffered from urinary incontinence. At North Pointe OB/GYN, Drs. Sean J. Lambert, Robert B. Barrett, and Nancy M. Walsh are all experts on urinary incontinence and familiar with the latest treatment options that are available.

Urinary Incontinence Q & A

What is Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is a medical condition in which a person loses control of the urinary sphincter, which controls the flow of urine. Urine leaks out involuntarily. In other words, the condition makes people urinate when they don’t want to.

The condition is not widely discussed but it is both common and treatable.

What Symptoms Does Urinary Incontinence Cause?

Urinary incontinence is marked by an inability to hold urine in. When urine leaks out and how much leaks out can vary greatly. The symptoms surrounding leakage can help a doctor determine the cause of the incontinence.

Common symptoms include:

  • leaking when pressure is placed on the bladder, such as when laughing, doing certain exercises, sneezing, or coughing
  • having a sudden and strong urge to urinate, which is often so strong and sudden that there’s not enough time to get to a bathroom
  • dribbling that’s either constant or frequent
  • not being able to get to the bathroom in time due to a physical impairment, such as arthritis

What Doctors Treat Urinary Incontinence?

Urologists and gynecologists treat urinary incontinence. Gynecologists focus on the diagnosis and treatment of the female reproductive system, including the urinary tract and bladder. 

Lots of women prefer to see a gynecologist, rather than a urologist who also treats women for urinary incontinence because gynecologists have more extensive training on the female reproductive system.

How is Urinary Incontinence Treated?

There are several different natural ways to treat urinary incontinence. A doctor might recommend any of the following:

  • bladder training
  • scheduling trips to the toilet
  • managing your fluid intake and diet
  • pelvic floor exercises

When these solutions don’t resolve the symptoms, a doctor might recommend a medication, medical device, or surgical procedure.

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At North Pointe OB/GYN, we accept most major medical insurance plans. Here is a short-list of just some of the most popular plans we accept. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed here.

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