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Many women who live in North Atlanta come to North Pointe OB/GYN’s office in Cumming Georgia for gynecological care. At North Pointe OB/GYN, Drs. Sean J. Lambert, Robert B. Barrett, and Nancy M. Walsh all specialize in well-woman health services, and they are all recommended by their peers, colleagues, and patients.

Well Woman Health Q & A

What Exactly Are Well Woman Health Exams?

Well woman health exams are a preventative form of medicine that focuses on health issues that are specific to women. An exam involves checking the health of a woman’s reproductive system, including both her breasts and vaginal area.

What is Typically Included in Well Woman Health Exams?

As is the case with most doctor visits, well woman health exams typically begin with a conversation between the patient and healthcare provider. The conversation may include a discussion about the patient’s family history and personal medical history, as well as a review of any present symptoms. Patients should be sure to mention any symptoms that they are or have recently experienced during this discussion.

At some point during the conversation, the healthcare provider will perform an exam. Most well woman health exams consist of three parts:

  • examining the breasts
  • examining the genitalia and pelvic area
  • administering a pap smear

Precisely what is included in an exam depends on the woman’s age, sexual activity, overall health, family history, and other factors.

Who Should Have a Well Woman Health Exam?

All women should have a well woman health exam done periodically. Since the exams are a type of preventative medicine, women shouldn’t wait for symptoms of a health problem to appear before scheduling an exam. Instead, they should schedule an exam regularly, according to their healthcare provider’s recommendation.

Who Offers Well Woman Health Exams?

Nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and doctors are all qualified to provide well woman health exams. Doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of health issues related to the female reproductive system are called gynecologists. Many of these doctors also specialize in obstetrics and are referred to as OB/GYNs.

While women may see a nurse practitioner, nurse midwife or doctor, and gynecologists have the most extensive medical training of these providers. Therefore, women who have had health issues in the past may want to see a gynecologist.